Culture and Customs of the Palestinians

  • Title: Culture and Customs of the Palestinians
  • Author(s) / Editor(s): Samih K. Farsoun (Author)
  • Publisher: Greenwood
  • Year: 2004
  • ISBN-10: 0313320519
  • ISBN-13: 978-0313320514
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 192
  • Size / Format: 1,4 mb / pdf
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Description: The Palestinians have been at the center of Middle Eastern and world history for nearly a century. The core issues of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict are still the ones that emerged in 1948, after what Palestinians term al-Nakba, the destruction of historical Palestine and the dispossession and expulsion of its people. At the center of this vortex of politics, diplomacy, oppression, resistance, and struggle are the Palestinians. The Palestinians are an ancient Arab people, with both Islamic and Christian adherents, and their traditional culture and present way of life under difficult conditions are greatly illuminated for students and general readers.

A clear historical overview of Palestine, the diaspora, and the conflict is provided, and the history colors the rest of the narrative, addressing crucial aspects of Palestinian society. Palestinians struggle to retain their traditions. Their modern social structure, values, social customs, and life, including education, in villages, refugee camps, and cities are covered. The importance of extended family and women’s roles in a continuing patriarchy are also addressed. The famed Palestinian embroidery and typical food dishes are celebrated. Chapters on modern literature and the arts and cinema stress the artistic focus on the conflict with Israel. A helpful timeline, copious bibliography, and glossary round out the coverage.

Reading Palestine: Printing and Literacy, 1900-1948

    • Title: Reading Palestine: Printing and Literacy, 1900-1948
    • Author(s) / Editor(s): Ami Ayalon (Author)
    • Publisher: University of Texas Press
    • Year: 2004
    • ISBN-10: 0292705794
    • ISBN-13: 978-0292705791
    • Language: English
    • Pages: 221
    • Size / Format: 10,5 mb / pdf
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Description: Prior to the twentieth century, Arab society in Palestine was predominantly illiterate, with most social and political activities conducted through oral communication. There were no printing presses, no book or periodical production, and no written signs in public places. But a groundswell of change rapidly raised the region’s literacy rates, a fascinating transformation explored for the first time in “Reading Palestine”. Addressing an exciting aspect of Middle Eastern history as well as the power of the printed word itself, “Reading Palestine” describes how this hurried process intensified the role of literacy in every sphere of community life. Ami Ayalon examines Palestine’s development of a modern educational system in conjunction with the emergence of a print industry, libraries and reading clubs, and the impact of print media on urban and rural populations. Drawn from extensive archival sources, official reports, autobiographies, and a rich trove of early Palestinian journalism, “Reading Palestine” provides crucial insight into the dynamic rise of literacy that revolutionized the way Palestinians navigated turbulent political waters.

Ben-Gurion’s Scandals: How the Haganah and the Mossad Eliminated Jews

    • Title: Ben-Gurion’s Scandals: How the Haganah and the Mossad Eliminated Jews
    • Author(s) / Editor(s): Naeim Giladi (Author)
    • Publisher: Dandelion Enterprises
    • Year: 2004
    • Edition: 1st internet
    • ISBN-10: 1893302407
    • Language: English
    • Pages: 177
    • Size / Format: 0,7 mb / pdf
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Description: This Intenet edition is for free and “fair use” only. Its existence arises from a strong political motivation: the public has the right to know the somber, hidden face of Zionism, the worst crime against mankind, taking place in Palestine and elsewhere, unpunished, under our own complacent eyes.
The Internet publisher begs his readers to buy the book on paper, which has been published by a very courageous publisher, Dandelion Books, and to support its activities.

The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem Revisited

    • Title: The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem Revisited
    • Author(s) / Editor(s): Benny Morris (Author)
    • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
    • Year: 2004
    • Edition: 2nd
    • ISBN-10: 0521811201
    • ISBN-13: 978-0521811200
    • Language: English
    • Pages: 664
    • Size / Format: 3,9 mb / pdf
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Description: Morris’ earlier work exposed the realities of how 700,000 Palestinians became refugees during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. While the focus of this edition remains the war and exodus, new archival material considers what happened in Jerusalem, Jaffa and Haifa, and how these events led to the collapse of urban Palestine. Revealing battles and atrocities that contributed to the disintegration of rural communities, the story is harrowing. The refugees now number four million and their cause remains a major obstacle to regional peace