A Guide to Documents on the Arab-Palestinian/Israeli Conflict: 1897-2008

  • Title: A Guide to Documents on the Arab-Palestinian/Israeli Conflict: 1897-2008
  • Author(s) / Editor(s): M. Cherif Bassiouni (Author, Editor), Shlomo Ben Ami (Author, Editor)
  • Publisher: Brill
  • Year: 2009
  • ISBN-10: 9004175342
  • ISBN-13: 978-9004175341
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 324
  • Size / Format: 2,7 mb / pdf
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Description: A Guide to Documents on the Arab-Palestinian/Israeli Conflicts: 1897-2008, is a comprehensive non-partisan compilation designed to provide relevant legal and historical source material pertaining to this conflict. Each document is summarized for the reader s benefit. The compilation contains all United Nations Resolutions and Reports, Treaties and Agreements, as well as historic documents that are difficult to obtain. To put the conflict into perspective, a chronology of events is provided, followed by an objective analysis of the historical background, including discussion of the various phases of the conflict, strategic considerations, and an analysis of the prospects for peace. The 690 documents summarized with official citations are the most extensive compilation covering the period from 1897 through 2008, including some key texts on Jerusalem dating back to earlier times. The documents are organized according to the conflict s major topic areas with introductory notes for each part and section.M. Cherif Bassiouni and Shlomo Ben Ami have had a long history of involvement in the peace process. Their combined expertise and personal experiences add a unique dimension to this book that will provide anyone interested in the conflict with a distinct easy-to-use comprehensive compilation of relevant documents.


My Happiness Bears No Relation to Happiness: A Poet’s Life in the Palestinian Century

    • Title: My Happiness Bears No Relation to Happiness: A Poet’s Life in the Palestinian Century
    • Author(s) / Editor(s): Adina Hoffman (Author)
    • Publisher: Yale University Press
    • Year: 2009
    • ISBN-10: 0300141505
    • ISBN-13: 978-0300141504
    • Language: English
    • Pages: 464
    • Size / Format: 1,4 mb / pdf
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Description: Beautifully written, and composed with a novelist’s eye for detail,this booktells the story of an exceptional man and the culture from which he emerged.

 Taha Muhammad Ali was born in 1931 in the Galilee village of Saffuriyya and was forced to flee during the war in 1948. He traveled on foot to Lebanon and returned a year later to find his village destroyed. An autodidact, he has since run a souvenir shop in Nazareth, at the same time evolving into what National Book Critics Circle Award–winner Eliot Weinberger has dubbed “perhaps the most accessible and delightful poet alive today.”

As it places Muhammad Ali’s life in the context of the lives of his predecessors and peers, My Happiness offers a sweeping depiction of a charged and fateful epoch. It is a work that Arabic scholar Michael Sells describes as “among the five ‘must read’ books on the Israel-Palestine tragedy.” In an era when talk of the “Clash of Civilizations” dominates, this biography offers something else entirely: a view of the people and culture of the Middle East that is rich, nuanced, and, above all else, deeply human.

Women and War in the Middle East: Transnational Perspectives

    • Title: Women and War in the Middle East: Transnational Perspectives
    • Author(s) / Editor(s): Nadje Sadig Al-Ali (Editor), Nicola Pratt (Editor)
    • Publisher: Zed Books
    • Year: 2009
    • ISBN-10: 1848131852
    • ISBN-13: 978-1848131859
    • Language: English
    • Pages: 294
    • Size / Format: 1,8 mb / pdf
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Description: “Women and War in the Middle East” provides a critical examination of the relationship between gender and transnationalism in the context of war, peace-building and post-conflict reconstruction in the Middle East. Critically examining the ways in which the actions of various local and transnational groups – including women’s movements, diaspora communities, national governments, non-governmental actors and multilateral bodies – interact to both intentionally and inadvertantly shape the experiences of women in conflict situations, and determine the possibilities for women’s participation in peace-building and (post)-conflict reconstruction, as well as the longer-term prospects for peace and security. The volume pays particular attention to the ways in which gender roles, relations and identities are constructed, negotiated and employed within transnational social and political fields in the conflict and post-conflict situations, and their particular consequences for women. Contributions focus on the two countries with the longest experiences of war and conflict in the Middle East, and which have been subject to the most prominent international interventions of recent years – that is, Iraq and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Issues addressed by contributors include the impact of gender mainstreaming measures by international agencies and NGOs upon the ability of women to participate in peace-building and post-conflict resolution; the consequences for gender relations and identities of the US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq; and, how transnational feminist movements can most effectively support peace building and women’s rights in the region. Based entirely on original empirical research, “Women and War in the Middle East” brings together some of the foremost scholars in the areas of feminist international relations, feminist international political economy, anthropology, sociology, history and Middle East studies.

Militant Women of a Fragile Nation

    • Title: Militant Women of a Fragile Nation
    • Author(s) / Editor(s): Malek Abisaab (Author)
    • Publisher: Syracuse University Press
    • Year: 2009
    • ISBN-10: 0815632126
    • ISBN-13: 978-0815632122
    • Language: English
    • Pages: 335
    • Size / Format: 2,8 mb / pdf
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Description: In Militant Women of a Fragile Nation, Malek Abisaab takes a gendered approach to labor conflicts, anticolonial struggles, and citizenship in modern Lebanon. The author traces the conditions and experiences of women workers at the French Tobacco Monopoly. Challenging the prevailing assumptions about culturally inscribed roles for Middle Eastern women, the book highlights traditions of public activism and militancy among rural women that are in turn adapted to the spaces of the factory. Women employed distinct strategies involving kinship, sectarian, gender, and class ties to enhance their work conditions and social benefits. Drawing on extensive ethnographic data, the author convincingly argues that the condition of women can only be explained by exploring the shifting relationship between culture, societal arrangements, and economic settings. Abisaab’s richly detailed work illuminates the impact of class and gender in the transformation of modern Lebanon.

Islam, Arabs, and the Intelligent World of the Jinn

    • Title: Islam, Arabs, and the Intelligent World of the Jinn
    • Author(s) / Editor(s): Amira El-Zein (Author)
    • Publisher: Syracuse University Press
    • Year: 2009
    • ISBN-10: 0815632002
    • ISBN-13: 978-0815632009
    • Language: English
    • Pages: 215
    • Size / Format: 1,5 mb / pdf
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Description: Beliefs regarding the jinn are deeply integrated into Muslim culture, and have a constant presence in legends, myths, poetry, and literature. In this work, Amira El-Zein examines the fields of law, theology, and folklore, and clearly places the status of the jinn in the metaphysical and cosmological economy of Islam.

From Coexistence to Conquest: International Law and the Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict 1891-1949

    • Title: From Coexistence to Conquest: International Law and the Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict 1891-1949
    • Author(s) / Editor(s): Victor Kattan (Author)
    • Publisher: Pluto Press
    • Year: 2009
    • ISBN-10: 0745325793
    • ISBN-13: 978-0745325798
    • Language: English
    • Pages: 457
    • Size / Format: 8,7 mb / pdf
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Description: From Coexistence to Conquest seeks to explain how the Arab-Israeli conflict developed by looking beyond strict legalism to the men behind the policies adopted by the Great Powers at the dawn of the twentieth century.  It controversially argues that Zionism was adopted by the British Government in its 1917 Balfour Declaration primarily as an immigration device and that it can be traced back to the 1903 Royal Commission on Alien Immigration and the Alien’s Act 1905.

The book contains the most detailed legal analysis of the 1915-6 Hussein-McMahon correspondence, as well as the Balfour Declaration, and takes a closer look at the travaux préparatoires that formed the British Mandate of Palestine.  It places the violent reaction of the Palestine Arabs to mass Jewish immigration in the context of Zionism, highlighting the findings of several British commissions of inquiry which recommended that Britain abandon its policy.  The book also revisits the controversies over the question of self-determination, and the partition of Palestine.

The Chapter on the 1948 conflict seeks to update international lawyers on the scholarship of Israel’s ‘new’ historians and reproduces some of the horrific accounts of the atrocities that took place from newspaper reports, UN documents, and personal accounts, which saw the expulsion and exodus of almost an entire people from their homeland. The penultimate chapter argues that Israel was created through an act of conquest or subjugation. The book concludes with a sobering analysis of the conflict arguing that neither Jews nor Arabs were to blame for starting it.

Bread Alone

    • Title: Bread Alone
    • Author(s) / Editor(s): Kim Jensen (Author)
    • Publisher: Syracuse Univ Press
    • Year: 2009
    • ISBN-10: 0815609450
    • ISBN-13: 978-0815609452
    • Language: English
    • Pages: 116
    • Size / Format: 0,5 mb / pdf
    • Link: www.link.com
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Description: “This powerful work reproduces the shock of the life that millions of people lead in silence, in darkness. These poems can wake up a rock.” – Etel Adnan, author of Sitt Marie Rose

“Kim Jensen’s poems are searing and spare. They will haunt you and stretch your vision. You won’t be the same person after reading them that you were before.”–Naomi Shihab Nye, author of Habibi and Going, Going

“In a time of news about war we can only reflect the devastation of others. What comes in can’t come out. True resistance seems muted, dissolved. Here we arrive at just such a landscape, but perhaps because it is a woman’s terrain, we are at least given bread.”–Fanny Howe, winner of the Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize for Life Achievement

“Throughout Bread Alone, Jensen trusts verbal economy, and the concise force of her pieces–most are but a page long–lends them a stealth force…that sear themselves into the brain as indelible imagery.”–Bret McCabe, Arts Editor, Baltimore City Paper

Kim Jensen (www.kimjensen.org) is a writer who has lived in France, California, and the Middle East. Her first novel about a turbulent affair between a Palestinian exile and an American student, The Woman I Left Behind, was published in 2006 by Curbstone Press, and was a finalist for Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year. Her first book of poems, Bread Alone, was published this year (2009) by Syracuse University Press. In 2001, Kim won the Raymond Carver Prize for Short Fiction, and her writings have appeared in the following anthologies and journals: Come Together: Imagine Peace (Bottom Dog Press); Hunger and Thirst (San Diego City Works Press); Poetic Voices without Borders 2 (Gival Press); Blood Lotus; Ezra Journal of Translation; Liberation Literature; Rain Taxi Review; Left Curve; Boston Book Review, and many others. Kim currently lives in Maryland where she serves on the editorial board of the Baltimore Review and is associate professor of English at the Community College of Baltimore County. She lives with her husband, Palestinian artist Zahi Khamis (www.zahiart.com), and their two children.


The Arab State and Neo-Liberal Globalization: The Restructuring of State Power in the Middle East

    • Title:The Arab State and Neo-Liberal Globalization: The Restructuring of State Power in the Middle East
    • Author(s) / Editor(s): Laura Guazzone (Editor), Daniela Pioppi (Editor)
    • Publisher: Ithaca Press
    • Year: 2009
    • ISBN-10: 086372339X
    • ISBN-13: 978-0863723391
    • Language: English
    • Pages: 388
    • Size / Format: 1,9 mb / pdf
    • Link: www.link.com
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Description: This collection of essays offers an alternative approach to the study of today’s Arab states by focusing on their participation in neo-liberal globalization rather than on authoritarianism or Islam. The effects of the restructuring of traditional state power — engendered by globalization — are analyzed separately through updated empirical research in the political, economic, and security processes of each country considered. Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia are the case studies selected to represent different paths towards a shared model of the “new” Arab state which, far from representing an exceptional case of resilience against global trends, may be seen in many instances as typifying their effects. This book thus offers both an overall conceptualization of change affecting the Arab states — domestically and in their relations with the international system — and a series of in-depth case studies by country and functional areas.

People Power: Unarmed Resistance and Global Solidarity

    • Title: People Power: Unarmed Resistance and Global Solidarity
    • Author(s) / Editor(s): Howard Clark (Editor)
    • Publisher: Pluto Press
    • Year: 2009
    • ISBN-10: 0745329020
    • ISBN-13: 978-0745329024
    • Language: English
    • Pages: 256
    • Size / Format: 10,5 mb / pdf
    • Link: www.link.com
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Description: Across the world, nonviolent movements are in the forefront of resistance against repression, imperial aggression and corporate abuse. However, it is often difficult for activists in other countries to know how best to assist such movements. The contributors to Unarmed Resistance and Global Solidarity place nonviolent struggles in an international context where solidarity can play a crucial role. Yet they also warn that good intentions are not enough, solidarity has to listen to local movements. Using clear examples, the contributors assess various forms of solidarity, criticizing those in the global North who try to impose their view of what is possible and arguing that a central role of solidarity is to strengthen the counter-power of those resisting domination and oppression.

Peaceful Resistance: Building a Palestinian University under Occupation

    • Title: Peaceful Resistance: Building a Palestinian University under Occupation
    • Author(s) / Editor(s): Gabriel Baramki (Author)
    • Publisher: Pluto Press
    • Year: 2009
    • ISBN-10: 0745329322
    • ISBN-13: 978-0745329321
    • Language: English
    • Pages: 224
    • Size / Format: 8,2 mb / pdf
    • Link: www.link.com
    • Password: falastinpress

Description: This book tells the remarkable story of Bierzeit University, one of Palestine’s foremost educational institutions. When Dr. Gabi Baramki co-founded Birzeit’s first degree program in 1972, he was determined to create a Palestinian national university despite Israel ‘s occupation. Democracy and tolerance would be among its mandatory subjects. The West Bank institution quickly became a beacon of learning, open to the best students irrespective of income. It continues to produce scholars, administrators, leaders and confident, idealistic young people. The cost of achieving this has been shocking. Israel first tried to break the university through forced closures. Since its establishment as a university, staff and students have been detained, often without trial, throughout the period even during the 15 times of closure. Israeli soldiers have stormed the university, shooting unarmed students. Dr. Baramki has been dragged from his home at night, beaten and arrested. As Vice-Chancellor, he has been liaising with Israeli prisons and comforting bereaved Palestinian parents. This memoir should be required reading for anyone concerned about the right to learn.

Palestinian Identity: The Construction of Modern National Consciousness

    • Title: Palestinian Identity: The Construction of Modern National Consciousness
    • Author(s) / Editor(s): Rashid Khalidi (Author)
    • Publisher: Columbia University Press
    • Year: 2009
    • ISBN-10: 023115075X
    • ISBN-13: 978-0231150750
    • Language: English
    • Pages: 352
    • Size / Format: 33,8 mb / pdf
    • Link: www.link.com or www.link.com
    • Password: falastinpress

Description: This foundational text now features a new introduction by Rashid Khalidi reflecting on the significance of his work over the past decade and its relationship to the struggle for Palestinian nationhood. Khalidi also casts an eye to the future, noting the strength of Palestinian identity and social solidarity yet wondering whether current trends will lead to Palestinian statehood and independence.

Rashid Khalidi’s massive study of the construction of Palestinian national identity is a pathbreaking work of major importance. It is the first book to work from the premise that such an identity does in fact exist and then proceeds to uncover its overlapping layers, historical phases, and tragic setbacks with a complete mastery of the relevant literature in Arabic, Hebrew, and Western sources. This is an essential book for anyone trying to understand the Byzantine complexities and background of the flawed Middle East peace process…. Extremely readable and gripping, Palestinian Identity is a remarkable achievement of the historian’s art. (Edward Said, author of Orientalism )

Might Over Right: How the Zionists Took Over Palestine

    • Title: Might Over Right: How the Zionists Took Over Palestine
    • Author(s) / Editor(s): Adel Safty (Author)
    • Publisher: Garnet Publishing
    • Year: 2009
    • ISBN-10: 1859642128
    • ISBN-13: 978-1859642122
    • Language: English
    • Pages: 240
    • Size / Format: 1,3 mb / pdf
    • Link: www.link.com
    • Password: falastinpress

Description: Might Over Right provides a critical account of one of the most remarkable stories in the 20th century’s history of international relations – the history of how, in the relatively short time of 30 years, Zionist leaders managed, with the help of Western (mainly British) supporters, to wrestle a country away from its inhabitants, and in the process to profoundly affect the course of international relations and fundamentally transform the history of the Middle East.
Extensively documented, relying mostly on Zionist, British and Israeli sources, and sweeping in scope, the book makes a crucial contribution to the growing effort to challenge the simplistic and reductive accounts in media and scholarship in the West – one of the principal causes of the perpetuation of the conflict.
Might Over Right goes beyond the Israeli new historians’ accounts that focus on specific aspects of the Zionist–Palestinian confrontation. It also goes beyond the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 to critically analyze the latest dimensions of the Arab–Israeli conflict, and of the continued Israeli–Palestinian confrontation.