Failing Peace: Gaza and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

  • Title: Failing Peace: Gaza and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
  • Author(s) / Editor(s): Sara Roy (Author)
  • Publisher: Pluto Press
  • Year: 2006
  • ISBN-10: 0745322344
  • ISBN-13: 978-0745322346
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 408
  • Size / Format: 3,8 mb / pdf
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Description: This book is the culmination of 20 years of research, fieldwork and analysis on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and the impact of Israeli occupation. Discussion of Israeli policy toward Palestinians is often regarded as a taboo subject, with the result that few people — especially in the U.S. — understand the origins and consequences of the conflict. Roy’s book provides an indispensable context for understanding why the situation remains so intractable. The focus of Roy’s work is the Gaza Strip, an area that remains consistently neglected and misunderstood despite its political centrality. Drawing on more than two thousand interviews and extensive first-hand experience, Roy chronicles the impact of Israeli occupation in Palestine over nearly a generation. Exploring the devastating consequences of socio-economic and political decline, this is a unique and powerful account of the reality of life in the West Bank and Gaza. Written by one of the world’s foremost scholars of the region, it offers an unrivalled breadth of scholarship and insight.

Refusing to be Enemies: Palestinian and Israeli Nonviolent Resistance to the Israeli Occupation

  • Title: Refusing to be Enemies: Palestinian and Israeli Nonviolent Resistance to the Israeli Occupation
  • Author(s) / Editor(s): Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta (Author), Ursula Franklin (Foreword), Ghassan Andoni (Contributor), Jeff Halper (Contributor), Jonathan Kuttab (Contributor), Starhawk (Contributor)
  • Publisher: Ithaca Press
  • Year: 2011
  • ISBN-10: 0863723802
  • ISBN-13: 978-0863723803
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 553
  • Size / Format: 5,5 mb / pdf
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Description: Refusing to be Enemies – now in paperback – presents the voices of more than 100 practitioners and theorists of nonviolence, with the vast majority being either Palestinian or Israeli. They reflect on their own involvement in nonviolent resistance and speak about the nonviolent strategies and tactics employed by Palestinian and Israeli organizations, both separately and in joint initiatives. The book considers the obstacles encountered by nonviolent organizations and includes examples of effective nonviolent campaigns. Additionally, it explores ways in which a more effective nonviolent movement may be built. In their own words, activists share their hopes and visions for the future and discuss the internal and external changes needed for their organizations – and the nonviolent movement as a whole – to successfully pursue their goal of a just peace in the region. A Foreword on the definition and nature of nonviolence is written by Canadian author Ursula Franklin. Additionally, the book is rounded out by analytic essays by activists Ghassan Andoni (Palestinian), Jeff Halper (Israeli), Jonathan Kuttab (a Palestinian activist lawyer with international experience) and Starhawk (an “international” of Jewish background).

Gender Equality and Women’s Rights In Palestinian Territories

  • Title: Gender Equality and Women’s Rights In Palestinian Territories
  • Author(s) / Editor(s): Sophie RICHTER-DEVROE (Author)
  • Publisher: European Parliament
  • Year: 2011
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 22
  • Size / Format: 0,7 mb / pdf
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  • Password: falastinpress

Description: This note gives an overview of women’s rights and gender equality in Palestine. It introduces the main actors, and then provides information on women’s status in the economic, educational, health, political, legal and cultural domain. It finds that, although advances have been made, women activists need to continue and be supported in their struggle against dual oppression from Israeli occupation and patriarchal control, if women’s rights and gender equality are to be secured in Palestine.

Occupation of the Territories: Israeli Soldier Testimonies 2000-2010

    • Title: Occupation of the Territories: Israeli Soldier
      Testimonies 2000-2010
    • Author(s) / Editor(s): Breaking the Silence (Author)
    • Publisher: Breaking the Silence
    • Year: 2010
    • ASIN: B0058O6N0O
    • Language: English
    • Pages: 432
    • Size / Format: 58,0 mb / pdf
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    • Password: falastinpress

Description: The publication of this volume, Occupation of the Territories: Israeli Soldier Testimonies 2000-2010, marks a decade since the outbreak of the Second Intifada. Using the testimonies of hundreds of male and female soldiers interviewed by Breaking the Silence, the book exposes the operational methods of the Israeli military in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and the impact of these methods on the people who live in the Territories – Palestinians, settlers, and the soldiers themselves. Those who carry out Israel’s mission in the Territories – the IDF troops – reveal here, in unprecedented detail, the principles and consequences of Israeli policy in the Territories. From the descriptions given by the soldiers, one comes to grasp the logic of Israeli operations overall. The testimonies leave no room for doubt: while it is true that the Israeli security apparatus has had to deal with concrete threats in the past decade, including terrorist attacks on Israeli citizens, Israeli operations are not solely defensive. Rather, they systematically lead to the de facto annexation of large sections of the West Bank to Israel through the dispossession of Palestinian residents. The widespread notion in Israeli society that the control of the Territories is intended exclusively to protect the security of Israeli citizens is incompatible with the information conveyed by hundreds of IDF soldiers.

The Question of Palestine and the United Nations (Revised Edition)

    • Title: The Question of Palestine and the United Nations (Revised Edition)
    • Author(s) / Editor(s): United Nations (Author)
    • Publisher: United Nations
    • Year: 2008
    • Edition: Revised Edition
    • ISBN-10: 9211011744
    • ISBN-13: 978-9211011746
    • Language: English
    • Pages: 128
    • Size / Format: 2,6 mb / pdf
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    • Password: falastinpress

Description: The issue of Palestine has drawn a lot of attention of the international community and the United Nations for many years. This revised edition of the publication highlights the events and milestones through the end of 2007. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the outbreak of the Palestinian rising against Israeli occupation. The publication describes the history of the Question of Palestine, the role of the United Nations and the search for peace, and illustrates the work of the United Nations towards a permanent settlement.